Spire – Norland Music Festival


SPIRE is a mentoring program presented within Norland Music Festival, specifically designed for talents within the classical music sphere that facilitates self-development in several areas. SPIRE´s focus is to support musicians in development of artistry both on their instrument as well as in the process of developing their career. Participating musicians will be working in close collaboration with Eldbjørg Hemsing, who is taking the role of Artistic director and Mentor of the program.

“Most important for young musicians is to know that there is no set path someone should follow – you should be evolving your curiosity and stimulate their experimentation to not become only musicians, but also cultural entrepreneurs, leaders, thinkers or agents of change. feel there is a need in shaping a more future oriented generations of classical musicians. Future where artists are the driving force towards a more accessible culture, not afraid of experiments and possible failures.”