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Norwegian documentary and recent winner of the international award “Gullrosen”. How did the Norwegian superstar of the time sound? Young violinists Eldbjørg and Ragnhild Hemsing take up the hunt. Ole Bull created hysterical enthusiasm with his violin play, but no one alive today has heard him. 200 years after Bull’s birth, we follow the two sisters on a journey where they try to get the master’s tone as close as possible.



Forte is a dynamic and inspiring film that captures with remarkable zest and appeal the often quite insular world of classical music. This film will intrigue not only connoisseurs of this musical style, but also interest general audiences with its appealing storyline. Critically important as well is a powerful female perspective that emerges, a feeling that more equality and balance is continuing to take hold in the classical world as we view it through the eyes of three artists: Tatiana Berman, Lucía Caruso and Eldbjørg Hemsing.”



A filmed program where Eldbjørg Hemsing rediscovers Hjalmar Borgstrøm’s Violin Concerto. Under the mesmerizing northern lights at the Stormen Concert Hall in Bodø, Norway, Eldbjørg Hemsing rediscovers a forgotten national treasure, Hjalmar Borgstrøm’s Violin Concerto, in a splendid performance with theArctic Philharmonic, conducted by Eivind Gullberg Jensen.


Eldbjørg Hemsing performs on Klassik im Club, the ZDF´s innovative live-concept merging classical music with the some of the greatest club culture legends.